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Gender Change a WBAL Special

Dr. Singh and our amazingly brave patients were featured in a news special that aired on WBAL Baltimore news last night. WBAL Transgender Special by Mindy Basara When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, it made news around the world, but … Continue reading

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Move over Caitlyn Jenner the whole world is changing…

As the media world analyzes the Vanity Fair edition featuring Caitlyn Jenner, another question is posed of the transitioning community. Is it okay to be honest? The answer from one of our patients is yes. We appreciate being a part … Continue reading

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Boy or girl? Birth Certificate Changes.

Media is buzzing about the new ability for Hawaii born citizens to legally change their gender on their birth certificate. This has long been a struggle for many. “Hawai‘i lawmakers passed a bill last week that will enable individuals who disagree … Continue reading

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Telling the Story

Walking through a transformation is like reading a story. There is a beginning, middle, and end/new beginning. Annika Penelope writes for the Huffington Post and her recent article is telling  “10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Transition.” … Continue reading

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What is it like? MTF

“What is it really like?” – a common transition question asked in Gender Confirmation Plastic Surgery.  My team can medically explain “stuff”,  but hear it from someone who has made the journey.  Feel that person’s anguish and joy.  That makes the feelings … Continue reading

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Transitioning has it’s rewards

This week, Aydian Dowling is finding national press coverage with his “photo contest entry” in Men’s Health Magazine. He has had a mastectomy (double incision top surgery) for his FTM transition.  The scar has faded and is barely visible — … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendar- Transitioning Timelines

The transitioning process is full of big life changes and many small steps forward. It is appropriate to allow the “course-of-action” to be a part of your daily life while pursuing best results. Some key factors in not rushing: Multiple Doctors … Continue reading

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Gender Transitioning- Am I Good Candidate?

You are making a brave and daring decision to transition. A million things are racing through your mind: Do I qualify for the procedures? Do I start with hormone therapy? Is this the best long-term decision? How will my sex … Continue reading

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FTM -Top Surgery Video

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