Mark Your Calendar- Transitioning Timelines

The transitioning process is full of big life changes and many small steps forward. It is appropriate to allow the “course-of-action” to be a part of your daily life while pursuing best results. Some key factors in not rushing:

Fashion Manequin

  1. Multiple Doctors will be a part of your journey. By communicating back and forth, a patient enables the best outcome from all medical professionals. Be prepared to evaluate lifestyle ramifications and see mental health professionals. Also, physiological changes with Hormone therapy may require an Endocrinologist. Plastic Surgery may not be the final step, but most certainly is not the first step in transitioning. Surgery transformation with integrative care builds happier and healthier outcomes.
  2. No two surgeries are exactly alike. Your body is unique to you. From start to finish, plastic surgery needs to be customized to your long term goals not just your most immediate transition ideals. If your goal is to become the most influential woman in China, you may need to plan on a chosen path to success.
  3. Know your Plastic Surgeon was trained in Plastic Surgery. There are many doctors and surgeons who branch out of a specialty into Plastic Surgery, this can lead to less than desirable results. Seek to find a trained plastic surgeon and ask for credentials and training background. Don’t be shy; this is your body you are adjusting. Many procedures take a high level of skill and experience.

Dr. Singh is a Dual Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who has clients from multiple countries and backgrounds. He has won national and local awards and remains a Washingtonian Top Doc for 5 years running. For a FREE Consultation, please contact our scheduling assistant at 888-903-2362 , or email


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