Facial Restructuring

While transitioning, a patient may consider procedures that would fit their final body image ideals. Transitioning is unique to the individual just like puberty. The final results are a process and take knowledge of how a procedure will change the appearance feel and aesthetic before, during and after a procedure. The first step will always be a consultation to consider and weigh the best options with your goals in mind. Dr. Singh is highly trained in the transitioning process and believes in a seamless process of health, empowerment and ownership.

Some procedures to consider include:

Rhinoplasty – Having a prominent nose affects the overall aesthetic and is a facial gender cognitive recognition point. Having the right gender based nose will bring balance to the facial impression of gender.


Brow Ridge Filler – Adding fillers to the forehead will produce a masculine brow ridge line (ex. George Clooney) and give a depth to the face resulting a more visible masculine eye palette. To avoid the Zach Effron brow, a filler procedure can help build a more robust brow and avoid the effeminate perception.


Adams Apple Creation– Includes an implant that reflects visually like the normal formation of an Adam’s Apple. The surgery is transformative in the detail of distance and visual facial recognition of gender.


Chin Implants – While a feminine chin is pointy (Ex. Justin Beiber), a transitioning chin is angular. Having a prominent jaw line is an important step in the transitioning and could greatly enhance the visibility of a masculine aesthetic.


Other options may be considered with an in person consultation. Our consultations are free and exploring options is the best way to evaluate if you are a good candidate for any procedure.

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