Facial Restructuring

The Male to Female transitioning process can be a series of procedures all designed to meet the specific goals of the patient. Facial Restructuring is not a one-size-fits-all decision every individual body is unique. Likewise every face requires a custom process to produce the best final results and ideal image. Dr. Singh’s depth of reconstructive experience will help to guide the process to the healthy, and beautiful results that form the female physique.

Procedures to consider:

Trach Shave– While vastly improving the feminine neck angles, a trach shave is a surgery that has certain risks involved, and should be discussed with Dr. Singh in person. An incision of about 2 cm is placed under the chin, if possible inside a crease. From there a tunnel under the skin is made until the thyroid cartilage. With a bur it’s prominence and upper rim are trimmed. The muscles that run along and over the cartilage are united in the middle to cover the remaining prominence.  This results in a smoother appearance of the neck.

Laser Hair Removal– Removal of a beard and other unwanted facial hair is a process of stopping hair from growing out of the hair follicle through he use of a laser. Once the treatments begin it will depend on how the hair follicle reacts as to the amount of subsequent treatments needed for the desired end result. Also this option works best on dark haired patients and results may vary due to other skin requirements.

Rhinoplasty– Surgery of the nose can greatly affect the perception of male to female transitioning. The button nose that is usually seen on the supermodel has a narrow bridge and a button like tip. For a sexier lady like nose, a patient may choose to change the contour lines of the nose to show a more subtle bridge and upturned tip.

Fat Grafting to Lips and Forehead: If Liposuction is performed to the body fat grafting may be a softening option to produce a gentler rise of the forehead.

Fillers for the Lips– Everyone desires the Angelina Jolie sensuous pout. Finding the right amount of curvy enhancement filler ratio is crucial. If overdone can result in an un-feminine quality.  Dr. Singh will guide the process for the perfect kissable lips.

Latisse– Eyelashes reveal feminine eyes. Dr. Singh may prescribe a prescription for a eyelash growth product. This can help facilitate longer luscious lashes without any surgical needs.

Other options may be considered with an in person consultation. Our consultations are free and exploring options is the best way to evaluate if you are a good candidate for any procedure.

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