Gender Transitioning- Am I Good Candidate?

Dr. Navin Singh
You are making a brave and daring decision to transition.

A million things are racing through your mind: Do I qualify for the procedures? Do I start with hormone therapy? Is this the best long-term decision? How will my sex life change? Will people embrace my journey to my real self?

These are valid questions. The best place to start is in your support community.

Step 1. Research
Talk to those who have transitioned and learn about the process. Every transition will be individualized, however the best thing to do in process is to evaluate what changes you are comfortable with. Talk to a counselor. Prepare for the emotional process of change. And build a step-by-step plan with your counselor.

Step 2. Map it Out
Hormonal therapy is a great place to start. Start wearing gender specific clothing. Test out how these changes may affect family, friends, jobs, and community. Build an internal acceptance and take the baby-steps toward a final conclusive decision with a community close by championing you on. Financially plan. Transitioning is an investment in your real self, but finishing your transition plan will take preparing for the whole process financially.

Step 3. Consult
Talk to your Plastic Surgeon: Discuss the risks and possibilities of a desired change. Seek a doctor who has your best interest at heart and sees your desired plan and preparation. While choosing a Plastic Surgeon, ask him or her if they envision they same desired results. Clarify till you feel confident!

And that’s all it takes to begin a life changing journey to the real you!


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