What is it like? MTF

What is it like?“What is it really like?” – a common transition question asked in Gender Confirmation Plastic Surgery.  My team can medically explain “stuff”,  but hear it from someone who has made the journey.  Feel that person’s anguish and joy.  That makes the feelings and sensations more concrete.

There are many support groups out there for that reason. Here is one in the DC Metro Area. The key is commitment with community support. More and more brave voices are sharing their personal results. This honesty is building a realistic and navigable transitional expectation for many just starting the process.

Are you researching your options, make sure you check out this MTF post on “What’s Life Like Undergoing Gender Confirmation?” by Tamara Weins with the Slate.com team. Tamara bared her soul to the world with a detailed and personal description of her pain, her decision, and the timeline healing process including long term results and goals. This is a must read for anyone considering MTF transitioning.


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