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Second Puberty or Bust!

In a recent article on transgender transformations, a thought was brought up that really sticks. Undergoing gender transformation is like going through a second puberty: in all its awkward glory! This transformation often includes talks about sex, physical changes, changes … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendar- Transitioning Timelines

The transitioning process is full of big life changes and many small steps forward. It is appropriate to allow the “course-of-action” to be a part of your daily life while pursuing best results. Some key factors in not rushing: Multiple Doctors … Continue reading

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Gender Transitioning- Am I Good Candidate?

You are making a brave and daring decision to transition. A million things are racing through your mind: Do I qualify for the procedures? Do I start with hormone therapy? Is this the best long-term decision? How will my sex … Continue reading

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