Mark Your Calendar- Transitioning Timelines

The transitioning process is full of big life changes and many small steps forward. It is appropriate to allow the “course-of-action” to be a part of your daily life while pursuing best results. Some key factors in not rushing:

Fashion Manequin

  1. Multiple Doctors will be a part of your journey. By communicating back and forth, a patient enables the best outcome from all medical professionals. Be prepared to evaluate lifestyle ramifications and see mental health professionals. Also, physiological changes with Hormone therapy may require an Endocrinologist. Plastic Surgery may not be the final step, but most certainly is not the first step in transitioning. Surgery transformation with integrative care builds happier and healthier outcomes.
  2. No two surgeries are exactly alike. Your body is unique to you. From start to finish, plastic surgery needs to be customized to your long term goals not just your most immediate transition ideals. If your goal is to become the most influential woman in China, you may need to plan on a chosen path to success.
  3. Know your Plastic Surgeon was trained in Plastic Surgery. There are many doctors and surgeons who branch out of a specialty into Plastic Surgery, this can lead to less than desirable results. Seek to find a trained plastic surgeon and ask for credentials and training background. Don’t be shy; this is your body you are adjusting. Many procedures take a high level of skill and experience.

Dr. Singh is a Dual Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who has clients from multiple countries and backgrounds. He has won national and local awards and remains a Washingtonian Top Doc for 5 years running. For a FREE Consultation, please contact our scheduling assistant at 888-903-2362 , or email


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Kindness is Universal

Respect a Transgender Image Wikihow

How do we deal with issues that are unusual, uncomfortable, or uncommon? How do we interact with transgender individuals ?  When in doubt, think about the kindest and most civil way to deal with anyone — and you won’t go wrong. Check out a recent article about how kindness translates to social norms.

The Washington Post shared this simple yet profound article titled:

Civilities: When it comes to transgender etiquette, choose to be kind

“In many ways, these past 12 months are likely to go down in history books as “That Transgender Year.” Activist and actress Laverne Cox became the first trans person to grace the cover of Time magazine; “Orange Is the New Black,” in which Cox’s trans character also broke boundaries, was nominated for 12 Emmys; and Amazon’s “Transparent,” about a father who is transitioning, hit gold as well. Out in the real world, meantime, transgender people continued to be attacked and killed in shocking numbers. Murders topped 1,500 in the six years between 2008 and 2014, according to the Trans Murder Monitoring Project. And the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law reported that 41 percent of people who are transgender have attempted suicide at some point in their lives, nearly nine times the national average.”

Do we really need a lesson in manners? Yes, we do.


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Gender Transitioning- Am I Good Candidate?

Dr. Navin Singh
You are making a brave and daring decision to transition.

A million things are racing through your mind: Do I qualify for the procedures? Do I start with hormone therapy? Is this the best long-term decision? How will my sex life change? Will people embrace my journey to my real self?

These are valid questions. The best place to start is in your support community.

Step 1. Research
Talk to those who have transitioned and learn about the process. Every transition will be individualized, however the best thing to do in process is to evaluate what changes you are comfortable with. Talk to a counselor. Prepare for the emotional process of change. And build a step-by-step plan with your counselor.

Step 2. Map it Out
Hormonal therapy is a great place to start. Start wearing gender specific clothing. Test out how these changes may affect family, friends, jobs, and community. Build an internal acceptance and take the baby-steps toward a final conclusive decision with a community close by championing you on. Financially plan. Transitioning is an investment in your real self, but finishing your transition plan will take preparing for the whole process financially.

Step 3. Consult
Talk to your Plastic Surgeon: Discuss the risks and possibilities of a desired change. Seek a doctor who has your best interest at heart and sees your desired plan and preparation. While choosing a Plastic Surgeon, ask him or her if they envision they same desired results. Clarify till you feel confident!

And that’s all it takes to begin a life changing journey to the real you!


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